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Chit Chat Gina * Gina On 03/25/2000 7:36:00 PM, elliot wrote:
>Hi Friends from Staten Island:
>We lived in Annadale for 32
>years and truly loved the
>community. Since retiring we
>relocated to another state and
>in our new community have met
>friends who also lived in S.I.
>Miss this lovely borough.

Hi Elliot - Welcome Home to The Staten Island Web Family of Friends "The Gathering" :) Lotssssssssssssssssssssss of catch uP reading for ya in the Archives - now don't get lost in them for too many days - they're filled with great StatNisland Memories & probably a few of your former neighbors & maybe even some long lost childhood friends that you haven't seen in many years. Just think now "U" can e-mail them and be in touch at the click of a mouse & a few hits on a keyboard.



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