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I was there at the reunion! Got to meet my long lost (happily for me!) friend JR after 35 years. We usta date. Both of us had the sense to get married--to someone else. Met OT and her husband John, her friend Alice, Gina, JR and his wonderful wife Barb.

StatNisland worked its magic at this reunion -- even MY quiet, shy husband got to talking to strangers!

I took my fantastic collection of tee shirts that my brother has been giving me over the years. Coney Island, subway tokens (the Y and the newer one), Tottenville Hi (even tho I sent to S I Academy), the Rat Trap (aka SIRT - Staten Island Rattling Transit), and, best of all, one that reads

TOTTENVILLE -- Where New York Begins!

I gave a few to JR in what's probably a vain attempt to give him some class. Also took time schedules, old train tickets, maps, etc. Alice gave us a NEW map of SI and ... things have changed !! OT even had special plaques made for each of us.

The same brother who keeps me supplied with SI shirts also gave me a street sign reading Surf Avenue. A lot of that street has washed away in one hurricane or another. Luckily, the sign survived and floated into my possession . . .

All in all, we had a ball. In addition to the crumb buns we had a home cooked meal. Gina's a great cook so if she ever invites you, say YES.

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