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Chit Chat ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ On 03/24/2000 11:18:00 PM, bobsheridan wrote:
>You don' really wanna know,
>Big D.

Guess Again little (as in lower case of course) rs! If you'd post your personal fluff...I'd probably read it! (Note the use of the word "probably"! I do indeedy reserve my inherent right and privilege to change my mind on that score.) Still yet, since I am always interested in the machinations of the human psyche and how they're expressed, I'd be a liar not to admit that the scale does tip closer towards the side of my reading a post of yours than not, simply by virtue of having read previous posts of yours. (I'll just leave it at that! *LOL*) And, in alignment with that note, I guess I should also point out that just as I would most likely read a post simply because I knew that it was yours, there are indeed OTHER posts that I skip right over.....simply because I know who posted them! (Again, I'll just leave it at that! *LOL*)

The real upshot here however is not whether or not I actually read a post on this forum, it's that when all is said and done, and for all intents and purposes, the actual content of any of them seriously rocking my world one way or the other is extremely minimal! This IS a forum for communication and I honor EVERYONE'S right to exercise it...

...regardless of its presentation, value, or lack there of in many instances.

What's that expression again??? Oh yeah! "Opinions are like @h's! Everybody's got one!"

As I originally said however, in many a situation while there is sometimes no OBVIOUS "value" in a post, there IS another window to view it through, that being state of the psyche from which it emanated! Chalk it up to the old "looking for the silver lining" syndrome!


To all those who do wish to CHIT CHAT....*High Five*

To all of those who don't wish to (or have some sort of problem/control issue with those that do)......May the wind be at your back as you exit! *LOL*


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