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100 messages Karen Weckerle karanlate A man walks into a supermarket with his son who is walking beside him, throwing a quarter in the air and catching it in his mouth. The inevitable happens, he misses a step and surprise - the quarter gets stuck in his throat. The man panicks.

Behind him at the food counter, an older gentleman gets up, calmly walks over to the boy who is now blue in the face and squeezes his balls mercilessly. The father, who is about to step in, pulls back as the quarter comes flying out of the boy's mouth.

Although concerned with the assault, the father is overjoyed that his son is saved and walks over to the man who is now seated at the counter again.

"Hey, thanks for saving my son" the man says, "but I've never seen that technique before. Are you a doctor?"

The older man answers, "No, I work for the IRS."

Hope you're having a better day!


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