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Chit Chat ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ On 03/24/2000 2:43:00 PM, hrwhite wrote:
>Hey Rich, If ya can figure
>out da chat den yo is better
>den me. I thought dey was
>speaking in Veniuven and I was
>afraid of beaming into dare
>communications. Harry

Hey Harry! NEVAH be afraid to BEAM IN!!! Heck! Don't you know that Venus and Mars are like...Yin and Yang, Left and Right, Dark and Light, Day and Night (Why do they all seem to be rythming? LOL), Lamposts and Beacons *great big chuckle* and so forth and so on~~~~

They just GRAVITATE to one another naturally! *S*

Sooooooooooo Feel free to just hop on in ANYWHERE! LOL


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