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Thanks Webfriends Marguerite Rivas sipoet Thanks for your prayers, vibes, and good wishes. I had my medical procedures yesterday, and am feeling fine (thanks to Tylenol 3). Catching up on all my messages is truly diverting. I'm still trying to figure out "chit chat", DJ and Donna. Thanks for the laughs, Harry. BTW, I've been reading a novel to keep my mind occupied today, The Cobra Event by Richard Preston, the guy who wrote the Hot Zone. It's pretty gruesome, but the cool part is that the heroine of the novel is named Alice Austen and part of it is set in Stapleton. There's a neat description of an antiques shop and mention of a St. George Hospital. Hey, Art, did you have anything to do with this?
Take care all, and thanks again. Youse guys are great.

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