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Former StatNislanders - Name Dat Place Bruce Delaney bdelaney5 THANK YOU!
Funny how you remember things ... the
bar across from reimans hardware has been a
blue glass like siding to me... I graduated
from ps29 in 62 (BTHS 66)... lived at 131
Mountian view ave / 222 Ganservoort as a kid... Joe and Pats was a pizza place... seems like I would get off the 6 or 112 and
catch the 110 up manor road coming home from
Tech... On the corner with the A&P my minds eye sees an empty lot ... then maybe a diner... That four corners bakery was my last stop on my paper route NY Herald Tribune
... I'd pick up some of the worlds best rolls
for breakfast ... Been in Tennessee since
66... Thanks again for the pictures... Bruce

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