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Former StatNislanders - Name Dat Place Charles Evans Cron To pick up where Bob S. left off, my town Sunnyside (in the 50's). On the Clove Lake corner of Clove and Victory there was the Flying "A" station (Mr. Barr)a little further down Clove was the Clover Club (Billy), across Victory were two gas stations, Texaco (Breen Bros.), Don't remember the one right on the corner(Mobil now), Caddy corner There was a Rolstins grocery, later Simons and later Odenwalds, all groceries. Behind that was the Smith estate. Next to the grocery was Mary's Diner, across the street was a barbershop, a shoe repair and Sal's Butcher shop, later to become the Diner's Delight. Next was a Liquor store (Mr. Lee and his 2 dogs, Boxers), Thompsons Bar (Buddy), and then Ronfolas Drug store. On the corner was a vacant lot,(trees at Christmas) and the Jolly Trolley (a diner caboose). Across Clove Rd. was The Drop Inn (John), Brown's grocery and another Butcher and fresh veg. shop. We didn't have to go far for what we needed. St. Nick's was our church (the church in the weeds)8:15 and 10AM Sunday mass. Lord help you if you went to the park instead. Of course I didn't, I just told on the other kids. "Right"

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