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Dad's Sayings Robert Sheridan bobsheridan In one of her recent posts, Gina recalled something that her dad used to say, which reminded me that my dad was always coming out with something to fit the situation, and if the situation recurred, as they often do, he'd come out with the same thing again, and you'd wait for it, 'cuz you knew it wuz comin' and you'd laff when you heard it again because you were right.

When we wuz kids out in the car with mom and dad in the front seat, kids in the back, fighting usually, and we were stopped at a light, there'd often be some good looking young woman crossing the street in front of the car. It wouldn't do to say nothing in recognition of a beautiful woman, as the tension would grow and saying nothing would be worse than saying something, so dad would say, so only the people in the car would hear, "Hello, how's mother?" and mom would get a laugh, and when we got bigger, so would we.


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