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Former StatNislanders - Name Dat Place Robert Sheridan bobsheridan After reading the above posts, I went back and took another look.

Unfortunately there seems to be a huge disconnect between the way my mind recollects FawCawnahs and the way these fotos do. Of course these fotos are heavy on the cars and light on the architecture.

What's in my mind is a lot more real than what's in the fotos. For one thing, the signs on the stores are all different now.

I remember Reiman's Hardware very well, always used to go in there. The Sunnyside Club across the street was a real bar-smelling bar that I never went in, except maybe to try to sell the manager an ad in the school bulletin as a kid. I wuz too young to drink then, and when I got older, I never would've gone in there because it looked way too serious as a drinker's place. Again, these are a kid's perceptions that may have nothing to with the reality of someone else's experience.

Cini's was the other hardware, separated from Reiman's by the great Four Corners Bakery and a barber shop that had wall to wall mirrors on both walls. I'd sit on a little seat the barber would place across the arms of the massive barber chair so I'd be up high enough to get my hair cut (I was 5 or 6) and look in one mirror and see myself reflected in a dozen others, back and forth, each view smaller than the next, forever. Always used to wonder about that one, then I saw a reference to it in Scientific American or someplace. If I'da stuck with it I might have discovered sumthin' real important, the way Newton did when the apple hit him on da head.

Proceeding further up the block was the pharmacy, where you got medical advice and mel-o-rolls, then the Lipsitz Dept Store on the corner of Winthrop, where you got your feet x-rayed, looking through the scope at the greenish picuture of your metatarsals, until they outlawed that.

Proceeding up Victory, you came to Northfield Savings & Loan, also on Winthrop. Northfield was apparently one of the big land division names from bygone days on SI. Probably existed only on old maps. Castleton Corners was another name for the FawCawnahs area. Didn't see any castles in Castleton, but I haven't seen any cottages in cottage cheese either.

A little further up, same side, was the Kolff and Kaufman realty office, and then came the Acme Market, which I saw being a-built and later worked in, stocking cans of dog food on the shelves, label side facing the customer.

Then the Moravian church, rebuilt after the fire destroyed the wooden version, as someone reminded me long ago. Then the churchyard from which we used to fire away at the buses chugging up the hill, with snowballs, looking for Art.

Finally Mauro's penny candy and bubble-gum store where you got the baseball cards you flipped and traded and held against the wall in a game where you picked up the other guys card if you made yours land on his.

Later you came to the old dry reservoir at the top of the Victory Blvd hill, late a ballfield, and then down the hill to to Clove Lake, a b*tch in winter when covered with black ice, and then Sunnyside. I think I'll stop here. I can describe this easier than the furniture in my living room, as this is the stuff I grew up with. It may have changed on the outside, but not in my head. I guess that's the problem with heads.


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