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SIWEB FRIENDS Robert Sheridan bobsheridan There was a similar mnemonic for remembering what the red running lights on vessels meant. If you knew what you were doing you could tell what a ship, or a small boat properly equipped, was doing at nite by recognizing the lights. It also applied to the bouys you used to get back into Great Kills and every other harbor day or nite.

It goes:

Red right returning.
Red left leaving.

Since it's been a long time since I knew what I wuz doing, don't ask me to explain it further except that red was the starboard light and it's either comin' at ya or pullin' away from you depending where the green lite is and you better figure that one out in a hurry or you're gonna be in the drink. At nite, all you see are a load of lights, and it's a good pilot who can read them correctly.

And you want the red bouys on your right coming in.

I wonder how the big boys did it, lookin' out those little round windows, 'n all.


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