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In order for people to use the website, it has to contain interesting messages; for awhile it did that, then it died out; there's only so much reminiscing you can do about StatNisland in the Old Days before you find yourself repeating yourself.

Then you go to controversy; someone sayys something and you take issue with it, hopefully respectfully. This p*sses off the original poster and invites a few nitwits to get nasty;

Then a moron or two hops aboard and gets threatening; following Gresham's law, the bad currency drives out hte good.

Then the Webmeister changes the format, and anyone hanging around hoping for something better finds disappointment; a sense of immediacy and spontaniety is sacrificed for spell-checking; a helluva a bargain; half the words I mis-spell I did on purpose, and the other half ain't worth going back to kerect anyways. When yez comes from FawCawnahs, yez can't be too picky about da small stuff.

What else bugs me about this site. Oh,'d think a lot of people come around but there's like a half-dozen frequent posters, a handful of look-and-sees who browse around and don't stop to say Hi, my name is such-and-such and I'm from Tottenville or some other place on the far side of da Dump, and finally we get the Anonymousers who must think their thoughts are so radical they'll be lynched the next time the Ferry pulls in, so they won't leave their names.

That about does it for me; what bugs you? I didn't say "who," I said "what." -rs

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