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URGENT -- URGENT -- PLEASE READ!! Arthur Anderson Art artnscience-(at) Thanks for he suggestions. Some of them I have already tried. For example, we slowed down my NVIDIA graphics accelerator but it didn't help. I have Windows 98 second edition and Office 2000 it isn't Word 97. I didn't always have the problem but after I downloaded CuteFTP and CuteHTML (two programs mentioned in the info on that stealth thing) I had the problem. The Dell service folks run the other way when I call because we have tried all their tricks including reloading all the software after formating the hard drive and the problem persists. The last time, when I formated the hard drive, we used C:/q/s to do a quick format. The next time I have courage to do it again, I will use C:/u/s and hopefully that will wipe it clean. Got any more ideas?


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