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SI Life Listed Alpha >>W C Connelly mcgil On 03/22/2000 7:00:00 AM, DBLIVIT wrote:
>Watchogue road. Never been
>there, but the name on the bus
>sign used to fascinate
>it an old Indian name? What
>SI town does it go through or

Watchogue Road starts at the intersection of Victory & Jewett and runs through Westerleigh and part of Willowbrook, ending at Richmond Ave. The 106 was the bus that ran down Watchogue to Willowbrook Road and then to Port Richmond. As a child, Watchogue Rd was where I went to the candy store, the deli, Max's Hardware, got pizza and waited on the bench on the corner of Livermore for my grandfather to come home from work. It was my Main Street.

Probably more than you wanted to know, but memories will do that.


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