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Coke Gina * Gina DJ 4 CANS of Coca Cola a DAY! OUCH!

I'd be b O u N c I n G off the walls...all 6 of em LOL

Back in the 70's when I volunteered working w/ "Special Needs children" at Seaside Center, Coke along w/ tomatoes & candy were within the first ten food/drink items that was requested of parents to be removed (think they still are) from the diet of children who may be/are emotionally impaired such as hyperactive, autistic, hyper kinetic, attention deficit disorder.

When our kids were little, my Pediatrician (Dr. Schwartz on Richmond Ave. Great Kills/Eltingville) said from the first "baby wellness" visit that he strongly believed children should not be given certain foods/drinks which included soda such as Coco Cola & artificial sweeteners.

I never questioned his "shouldn't be given suggestion" - he was the "baby wellness" boss LOL - we never used any artificial sweeteners (cept for those with diabetes who visited) & very rarely did we have soda on stock in our home till the kids were almost in their teens. Interestingly enough even when soda was available, they still reached for fruit juice, water or iced tea rather than the soda.

With all I've heard/read/experienced over the years I do agree Dr. Schwartz was apple-so-lutely right :)


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