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Coke Gina * Gina N dats da truth about Coca Cola...yep it is.

When my kids were little one of them (9 at the time) heard that if you put a tooth in a glass of Coca Cola and leave it there for a week of so it would disintegrate...they couldn't wait till one of em lost a baby tooth and decided that the next fallen tooth would not go under the pillow for the tooth fairy...well the little one did lose a tooth and they did put it in CC...after a few days it did just about completely disappeard.

It kind of shook them uP a bit, the little one came to the conclusion that if coke could do that to a tooth it may make her tummy rot away and she wouldn't be able to eat Oriole Cookies & milk or any other of her favorite treats LOL - our 9 year old son agreed. To this day neither of them drink too much soda, especially Coca Cola.

*she did get her dollar from the Tooth Fairy cause good Fairies are like that, yep they are - they find the tooth wherever it may be hidden.


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