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Former StatNislanders - Name Dat Place Marianne Bilyck Marianne Hi Gina - Looks like a bunch of pictures of Four Corners. I don't know 1 and 2. 3 is of Joe and Pats Pizzeria. 4 is the intersection of Manor Road and Victory Blvd looking east and south. 5 is the old Trunz butcher shop below the A&P. Don't know 6.
7 is the A&P on Victory Blvd. 8 is a view from the opposite corner ( katty cornered) from #4 looking north and west at Manor and Victory - with Reiman's hardware store not pictured on the north east corner and 8 is another view of Victory Blvd - going up the hill the realty office used to be Lipshiz department store. Just this week on an obscure channel a movie, "Sisters" played. It had interesting shots of the same area circa late 60's or early 70's - one scene was in the Four Corners Bakery and one of the two salesgirls was played by Olivia Dukakis.- Interesting coincidence!

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