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URGENT -- URGENT -- PLEASE READ!! Arthur Anderson Art artnscience-(at) Rich,

I downloaded that thing and it said it wouldn't act because there already was a problem on my machine. It decided for itself that the date had expired but it is 21 March today and the expiration date on the program is 1 April.

Do you think I have some "Stealth" spy software on my hard drive? I have been having some glytches with my Word program. It gives me an IPF (WinWord.exe caused an invalid page fault in module 0167: etc. etc.). I tried all the Windows 98 solutions including reformating my hard drive and reloading all my software and I still get the winword.exe error message whenever I change font size, bold, or anything where you highlight the text and change something. The error message comes up when you click the pointer on the background. I'm ready to pitch this puter out the window. Got any ideas?


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