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IRISH JOKE Neal Mulligan neal An Irishman enters a bar and orders a table for three. After being seated he orders 3 pts. When the brews are delivered he promptly drinks one down moves to the next seat, drinks that down and then moves to the third seat and drinks that one, whereupon he he orders another round. The bartender takes note and while the Irishman is repeating the process, the bartender goes over to the table, and says, "That's a very interesting way to drink don't believe I've ever seen it before." Oh this, says the Irishman it's just that me brothers and I use to drink together every night about this time but they moved away and so I do it to keep their memory. Grand idea says the bartender, and orders a round on the house for the table. Several weeks go by and the Irishman continues the process every night. One night he comes in and orders a table for two and two pts. The bartender's curiosity is peaked so after a couple of rounds he approaches the table and asks, "Did someting happen to one of your brothers"? Oh no says the Irishman, nothin like that. It's me, I quit drinking.

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