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MOVIE - Erin Brockovich Robert Sheridan bobsheridan I sat through the whole thing, GJ, and felt somewhat as you did, like where was this going, and why. That's why I found myself scratching my head trying to figure out why they bothered to put the whole thing together. So I had to come up with a reason. I figured someone was challenging me.

I think the clue was in the written rules, the ones posted on the wall of the cider house, or rather it was in the tearing up of those rules with the explanation that they were made for us by others, and not by us, so they could be disregarded without heavy consequence. The written rules were the small ones.

The big ones were the ones they killed for, and they went unwritten. You violated those at your peril. There were plenty of examples of that in the movie.

At any rate, that's what I felt forced to figure out, otherwise I would have left the movie without understanding it at all.

It was a bit of a challenge as I'm usually pretty lazy when going to the movies and hoping to be entertained by having my mind taken off a lot of thinking.

Anybody have a different take on Cider House?


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