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MOVIE - Erin Brockovich George Jaenicke grjaenicke On 03/21/2000 2:19:00 PM, bobsheridan wrote:
>I liked "Cider House Rules"
>also and had a good time
>trying to figure out what it
>was all about, like what was
>the point. I figured out
>something afterwards that
>satisfied me, and it took some
>I wonder what you, who've seen
>it, thought the author, John
>Irving, was trying to say in
>writing both the book and the
>Usually an author has
>something in mind that he's
>trying to get across when
>doing a serious piece, as Ms.
>Trefousse and Mrs. Taylor
>tried so hard to get through
>our thick skulls at Curtis
>circa 1956 and 1957, which
>seems like yesterday.
>Irving hides his main point
>pretty well, in plain view, I
>thought. Makes you figure it
>out for yourself.
>There'll be a quiz!

I went to see Cider House Rules and after an hour got up and left. I felt like it was going nowhere, and made no sense to me.

I really don't enjoy going to see a movie that you have to sit and figure out some political statement that the writer or director was trying to make. I don't have the patience to sit and try to figure out what kind of a "Statement" its trying to make. I can't believe it was nominated for so many awards. Not my type of movie.


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