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Sandy Ground John Ritter JR To me what is important is this web site as it connects me to the collective memories to a wonderful place. During the last year I have found many of my classmates who graduated from PS 5 and some of us got together at Cape Hatteras last year. We were all suprized about the explosion of information about the island. It seems our generation is seeking information about our roots and memories of our past. We were also suprized in how little we had changed from elementry school even though we were gray and balding.
Many of the places we miss are only preserved in our shared memories. The last time I was on the island was to show my wife where I grew up. We stopped at Holtemans bakery. She said it seemed like a nice place but was suprized on the effect the aroma of the baked good had on me. Strange how things like that affect us. I think we have an unofficial charter to remember, share and preserve the memories we have of SI and this seems like a good place to do it!


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