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Staten Island Lighthouse John Ritter JR This is kind of gross or more like torture. I was on a Navy Cruiser in 1976 that attended the NY bicentennial. We navigated starting at about 4 in the morning as the lead ship or three columns in into NY harbor. Every ship was assigned an anchorage spot. Ours was right off the 69th street ferry terminal on the Staten Island side. We shot a 21 gun salute at noon, saw the fireworks that night and about 4 AM the next mourning tied up to pier 40 at Houston street in Manahatten. Spent all day watching Staten Island from 500 yards away but couldn't get off the ship. Most of the guys on the ship wanted me to give them a tour of 8th avenue & 42 St. I told them where to go and that I was going to da betta island. We spent three days in NYC and it seamed sailors could not buy a drink. I don't' think the ship was sober until south of Norfolk.

Thats the way NYC celebrates the Navy once in a life time or the way Perth Australia celebrates every time a US Navy ship arrives!

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