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Baltimore Police Gina * Gina I think I hung out with "911 calling blonde" and we grew uP together, lived in the same neighborhood, went all the way through school & we're still friends to this day (hope it will continue after I tell this "our blonde tale"...our own real life Staten Island "Goldie Hawn" LOL - Dotty we LUV "U" R "U" OUT THERE???

Our favorite blonde referred to above once decided to by tires as a Christmas present for her husbands car - a NYPD Cop who drove to work from SI to Manhattan to the PD. She went to the tire place...U know the one that was out Drumgoole Blvd. somewhere. D tells the salesman she wants tires. Salesman says "what size" D says "I don't know but I can go home and find out". She goes home takes out a tape measure, measures the tires from pavement to tire top - goes back to the tire place and tells the guy the measurement LOL - salesman says "there's no such size" D says "yes there is, I just took a ruler and measured them and I DO know how to read numbers on a ruler". Salesman damned near wet his pants laughing but keeping "the customer is always right in mind" kind of sought it out by keeping his cool, being polite and asking what model/year/etc. car it was. ROFLMAO

True story... :) I can still see D's face as she told us the story in a VERY SERIOUS mode. Too funny for words...........

Dot don't kill me for telling the story, it's a natural cutsie... it's still withine the top 10 funniest episodes in your/our life LOL


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