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Staten Island Lighthouse Gina * Gina On 03/20/2000 11:13:00 PM, DBLIVIT wrote:
In Part:
>To teach him a lesson, we took a lump of
>bearing grease and put it in his coffee
>while he was up getting some more bread.
>Unbeknown to us, he saw us do it.
>Without saying a word, he sat down at
>the mess table, picked up a slice of
>bread, blew his nose in it, ate it and
>then drank his cuppa coffee in one slug.
>The rest of us left the mess deck,
>completely grossed out...we never messed
>with that snipe again!

How gross & disgusting....boys will be boys. Wonder if that comes under "turn around is fair play" LOLLLLL ROFLMAO

EEEE Gadsssss he's probably the same gross sea-legged swabby (sp) dude in the mustard/peanut butter/toilet bowl story


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