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Staten Island Lighthouse Dan Blaine DBLIVIT On 03/20/2000 1:45:00 PM, Cron wrote:
>I'd spend 6mos. to a year at
>sea and when returning I'd ask
>the watch Mate to call me when
>they made their first fix on
>that lighthouse. I knew I'd be
>home within 24 hrs. I was in
>the Blackgang, 3 decks below
>the water line, not much to
>see there. But when I got that
>call, I'd break boiler watch,
>blast down shaft ally, up the
>forced draft out on to the fan
>tail, park it on a capstan,
>burn one singing, hang on
>Sloopy, Sloopy hang on. God I
>wanted to jump overboard, I
>could have swam faster, no
>Customs, Immigrations, Pilots,
>tugs to slow me down.
>Anyone know what I'm talking

I wasn't a snipe, and everytime I went down into the engine spaces on an errand, I thought I was going into Hell. Which reminds me of a sea story:

We on the "Greasy G" were not exactly particular about our dress and appearance, but there was one snipe who was really a scrounge. He would come up from his engineering spaces onto the mess decks without ever washing up. We all told him to clean up before coming into the chow hall, but he ignored us.

To teach him a lesson, we took a lump of bearing grease and put it in his coffee while he was up getting some more bread. Unbeknown to us, he saw us do it. Without saying a word, he sat down at the mess table, picked up a slice of bread, blew his nose in it, ate it and then drank his cuppa coffee in one slug.

The rest of us left the mess deck, completely grossed out...we never messed with that snipe again!

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