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Do You Remember? Margie Stephens Margie I've been outa the loop for a week or two {no comments JR! :-) } and am just now reading this line. I had seen the original Do You Remember about a month ago. Oh yes, I remember it all. I remember the day in fourth grade when we all had to have ball point pens. They leaked, they made blotches.

Years later - no comments JR! you're talking to a grandmother here with a daughter in JAG remember!! - I was working in a kindergarten. Loved the kids, loved the work, hated hearing again and again and *again* "Oh, that should be taught at school." What were folks saying schools should teach? Morals, truth, respect. Things we learned at home. From our parents.

Note the final word above - parentS. Plural. Not easy to find today. In that one class, with only six girls, one had already been molested, and two boys were headed for prison, if they lived that long, unless their lives improved dramatically. One boy was only to go with his father. Mother did *not* have custody. One day she appeared. I asked what happened. In a voice with no emotion he said, "My dad's in jail. He broke the law." Obviously this was not the first time.

And because of dumb laws, I wasn't even allowed to hug the children!

Margie, over 50 and proud of it! Hugger of children

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