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Deadly VA hospitals _ Hanford Sentinel, 10 Jan 00 Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu It is a read sad day for this country when the mothers and fathers will openly oppose having their sons and daughters go into the armed services because of the ill treatment the servicemen receive from the political leaders and appointees of this country.

when my son told me he wanted to go into the army, i felt a little proud (although i am a navy person). I, however was also disturbed because of what i saw our political and appointed leaders do to the viet vets upon their return home from a war our political leaders declared.

i was glad when he did not enlist, not by his choise. unfortunately he nearly was killed when a car hit him while he was standing next to his disabled motor bike. in fact the state police declared him dead. thanks to good doctors at our community hospital he is alive and well today, althought with only 75 percent use of his right sholder and arm.

i was also glad when my daughter changed her mind about going into the navy because of the same reasons. she however went to one of those left wing liberal arts collages --- the one out on long giland and started to learn about law. ekkkkkk. oh well.


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