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McDonalds Diane J DJ Lost that's great! Been there, done that!

Here's what happened to me about a year ago!

2 friends and I decided to grab a bite out rather than eating in our cafeteria here at the office (a.k.a. the barfateria).

Not one of us had much cash at hand (the modern day dilemma) so rather than stopping at the 3 different ATM's (you know how important it is to save that ATM Fee), we just sort of pooled together 4 dollars with what change we had available....

We drive up to the Jack in the Box (aka Jack in the Crack) across the street and ask for 4 dollars worth of Tacos.. Now the tacos at Jack in the Box are 2 for a dollar... (so we figured it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that you could get 8 tacos for 4 dollars)...

The voice comes thru the box and says, "Uh.. how many tacos?" again, I repeat "4 dollars worth of tacos". a long pause......

"Uh, how many tacos?"

By this time, I am in pain from laughing... "Make it 8 tacos please...."

I just don't get it... I know I am not a mathematical genius, but even I can divide even numbers!!!! LOL

(a day in the life of) DJ

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