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Healing Vibes Gina * Gina As the saying goes "Where The Hell Is Tuba City" LOL - 100 miles in any direction from nowhere - a cousin who started out after medical school working for Uncle Sam. He was a Doctor on the Reservation for several years & his wife was his assisting all around nurse.

After a year or so they were so tired of driving miles & miles to go shopping or just a simple night out of dinner & a movie that they took flying lessons, bought a plane and probably flew it as much as we use our car for daily errands, shopping and outings - it sure did make life more tolerable living sooooooooooooo far from it all.

They both really enjoyed working for/with the tribe members - treated & taught the Indians lots but for sure learned OH SO MUCH more from them about the American Indians & Our Countries History.

To this day they still say it was one of the best adventures in learning they ever experienced.

I add to this post "good healthy vibes" for SIpoet :) Be Well.


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