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MOVIE Robert Sheridan bobsheridan I'm always looking for a good movie or book. When I rely on the ads, I always get taken.

When I rely on the professional reviews, I usually don't want to see anything, because the faults are always highlighted, even on enjoyable movies.

I'd love to see a place on this site for movie reviews, book reviews, and reviews of anything else. I mean we're StatNislandahs, aren't we? I mean, "Ain't we?" We all have some things in common, like what not to waste yer money on.

Well, maybe once in a while we might disagree on something, but that only adds a little spice.

Why can't Mr. Webmaster arrange the topics according to subject category, such as Reviews, Opinion, Lists of Stuff that Someone Thinks is Good Stuff, etc., say all on one face-page, so we can click on one category or another and see what this one or that one thinks about sumptin.'

I know, we have the Gathering, Political Gripes 'n stuff, and NosTrivia. But how about something a little more sophisticated, where we can flip back and forth pretty quickly.

Or is this another one of those brainstorms that someone is going to make a million on while I say, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Like hand-held computers.


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