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Healing Vibes Neal Mulligan neal Marguerite,

Hey, you have my prayers. I take it you have some surgery coming up. Well, I'll be pulling for you. By the way I love your rambling about the old days. I work in a building about 3 long blocks below my old homestead in Springfield, Mass. and once in a while I'll try to reconstruct the old neighborhood. It's sad, I never run into anyone from grammar or high school anymore the way I once did. When I do see someone, as I did the other day I recall them from mannerisms and gestures. Their all cottonheads now, those that are still alive.
But I still like getting up in the AM, having a coffee and reading the paper. Especially Sundays. No one else is up and the Rotty and I go for long walks, last Sunday in the rain was so peaceful. Eh, you think you ramble. Listen, good luck, I know you'll do fine.



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