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PS 22, Class of 1942 Bill Rex Bill Hi Rich,
I lived at 112 Dehart Ave. next door to the Lafata's. At the time I went to St Mary's school on Sharp Ave in Pt Richmond.
I lived at 489 Morningstar Rd.Just aboput a block from Forest Ave.Went to PS 22 there.
There was a guy that lived down the street from me on Dehart, his name was Kenny something and he was crippled, wore a brace . Nice guy, can't think of his last name. Across the street from him was the Sutherlands, Joe and Gene. Gene was my age Joe was older.
I sure am having a good time reliving old times on the web site here, I hope you are tyoo. By the way I am 72 years old.

Regards ,


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