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Staten Theater (New Dorp)
Silly girls
Skating (Roller, Ice and out of school)
St. Clare's Catholic School
Staten Island Advance
Skirts (I love those soft creatures that wear em)
Snake Hill
Study Hall
Stuyvesent, Peter (sic?)
Sixty-Ninth Street Ferry
Selective Service (You're in the Army now)
Social Security Number
Saints Go Rockin' In (Bill Haley & Comets)
Silhouettes (Get A Job)

Most of all
Staten Islanders

Missed from R's
Raritan Bay
Raritan Bay Boys Club (aka The Beach Rats)
Roseanne xxxxxxxxxx (from old girl friend list)

Missed from D's
Drifters (club I was in. Yes, named after Clyde McPhatter's original group). Black & White baseball jackets with Drifters on the back. Looked like Beach Rat jackets. I guess we wuz copy-cats. These clubs is what you might call gangs now, but we really weren't bad. We just thought we were.


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