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TheTransformation Begins Pat O'Shaughnessy patos So Donna traveled off to light house hill to view the night sky. She believed she had special powers that could be recharged by a full moon. She had a third eye tattooed on her forehead that she believed helped her see things more clearly. She wore a long blue gown that covered her feet and shimmered with white sparkly thingies. On her head was a tall conical hat with a sheer blue scarf that flowed loosely down her back. The hat was tinted blue and was covered with letters and numbers. It also had mysterious symbols that seemed magical in origin. Around the top of the cone was a strange swarm possibly an aura. It was hard to tell as she would not let anyone come to close if she could help it for fear they would sap her powers. In her right hand she held some sort of wand. She seemed to glide up the hill as though she was not even walking

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