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UFO Sightings SI Charlie Joseph CharlieJ OK, time for my true sort of UFO story. Unfortunately, it happened in Key West, Fla. Not SI. When I was stationed there in the early-mid 60's, I did a little part-time DJ'ing and radio announcing. I became very good friends with a local full time DJ/announcer. We used to talk about UFOs & stuff. A retired architect had moved to the Keys and built a house to look like what he thought a UFO would look like from the sky (or outer space). He was considered the local UFO 'expert'. We called him, told him who we were and requested a conversation (not an interview). At first he said no interviews. But we assured him we did not want an interview, only conversation. We would not put anything on the radio. (We were good guys, we didn't). So he finally consented. At first the conversation was interesting, but then he started getting so far out, it seemed silly. In a nutshell, he believed we (all humans)had no thoughts of our own. We were all only puppets doing exactly what the 'greater power' (not GOD or gods - them - the aliens) wanted us to do. Regardless of how original you might think your thoughts or actions were, you were merely reacting the way a puppet does as the strings are pulled.
Not really believing in or caring for that scenario, we never contacted him again.
A couple of years later my friend told me this gentleman had gone fishing in a boat by himself. The story goes that he was found dead in his boat with his hair turned white and a look of sheer fright frozen on his face. The story was making the rounds among his followers, that 'THEY' (the alien powers) had killed him because he knew too much.

I leave ya' with that. (rs oughta' love it).

My thoughts- If there are UFOs, I wanna see one myself. I can't stand something happening and me not know about it. Grrr


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