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Hogan's Hero Diane J DJ Lost HOGAN'S A HERO

In Cork County Ireland, a bum came up to old Hogan and asked for a handout. Hogan replied, "Ye'll only waste the money, you will."

"No," replied the bum, "I need it for food. I don't drink, I don't smoke and I sure don't gamble."

"Aye," Hogan replied, "in that case, if you'll be comin' back to my house, I'll give you a whole pound."

The bum was agreeable, and in a few minutes they were at the door of Hogan's house. Mrs. Hogan opened the door, took a look at the pair of them and said, "Aye! And what would this be about then?"

Hogan said to his wife, "I just wanted to show you somebody who doesn't smoke, drink, or gamble! And why don't you keep your promise and marry him, then?"

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