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Internet Trivia Diane J DJ Lost Who invented the Internet and why?

Imagine someone absent-mindedly going to check their email one day, then suddenly realizing that it hadn't yet been invented.

Actually it would have been more appropriate if this mythical person had wanted to download Quake or Doom, because it was
the U.S. Department of Defense that first ventured into cyberspace.

It began in 1969 with ARPAnet, a small, restricted computer network that allowed scientists doing Pentagon research to
communicate. In the early 80's military research was shifted to another network and the National Science Foundation took
over the old ARPA technology and opened it to the public. At first, only the techies showed up on line. Gradually schools
connected. Then, as PC's proliferated, public online services such as CompuServe were started. The point and click Web, with
graphics, arrived in the early 90s. And, of course, it all culminated with Now that's progress.

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