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The Lady in the Lake------Tarot Turmoil Pat O'Shaughnessy patos All of a sudden R.S. ran to the head of the line pulling out a fountain pen he pulled the lever and doused the Leprechaun, his forms and the Piper with royal blue ink. Run he shouted as he grabbed Merlin by the arm. They ran several blocks and then hid in an alley. How did you do that asked Merlin? With my official 3 Stooges fan club fountain pen said R.S. It was part of a set and came with a mechanical pencil. I had really wanted a BB gun but I got this instead. Where's the pencil asked Merlin My Dad took it and had it locked away because I almost shot my eye out with it replied R.S.. But no more X-Mas stories. I know where the Mick keeps his green paint for gas lines. After we get the paint I know a little shop not far from here and I think the waitress will paint our asses for us if we buy some coffee and tip her properly Let's get moving said Merlin

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