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TheTransformation Begins ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ Ahhhh Yes! Sparks! Sparks! Sparks! They were everywhere! Yes, electricity was in indeed in the Air, but all was not quite as it appeared. The electricity generated by the Palm Pilot that rs held was not at all static. Ohhh Nooo It was very much alive and active, however, only those with an open third eye could discern that. Donna the Diviner saw it clearly, for all of her chakras were very much cleared and wide open. She looked at the Palm Pilot again and clearly saw the waves of electromagnetic energy it emanated. Oh My! It's aura was nothing short of immense!!!!!!!! What vibrant colors she saw in front of her! What potential she saw!!!! She looked up from her position near the lamppost she was at. She looked around. Yes! It could indeed be said that she was crying for she did indeed have a tear in her eyes, but it was not for the reason that the bystanders thought. She did not cry because she was in trouble or felt helpless. Oh no, not in any way, shape or form. On the contrary, she shed her tears for the trapped lampposts. Yes! She said trapped, for you see, the lampposts were not just ordinary "lampposts" they were actually dull souls in disguise. She looked at each and every lamppost and saw their minute aura. She cried again. But HOW did they let themselves get that way she wondered? Why did they not even TRY to capture some of the sparks of the many beacons of light that surrounded them? (And there were MANY!) Oh well, I guess when all was said and done, it didn't really matter. After all, that's what SHE was there for! Yessssssss Donna ...coined "Donna the Diviner" by the frightened and unenlightened lampposts was really an Alchemist and Healer. "Donna the Diviner" was here on a mission. Donna the Diviner had journeyed to and from many a place (and many a soul as well) during her time, but NEVER did she see such a needy and worthy bunch as the lampposts. She looked at the lampposts with such compassion. They had made a wrong choice somewhere along the line. They allowed FEAR to enter their souls. The Fear did its work too for day after day it made them duller and duller as soon they did not want to expand in ANY direction. Soon....they were nothing but the lamppost that now stood before her. HOWEVER.....via her Third Eye, she did see that tiny spark that remained and she knew that because of that....there was still hope!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donna the Diviner turned around and squarely faced those who believed they had freed her. She looked them STRAIGHT in the eyes....and began her Healing of them. She let them know that she was ALWAYS free....that they did not in fact "unchain" her. She also let them know that were not really "chained" to being lampposts either. They were in fact as free as she was! She then taught them the most basic rule of ~Spiritual~ Law...which was...


All they had to do to grow in enLIGHTenment was WANT to!

And with those words..."Donna the Alchemist" walked North with a smile in her ~*Heart and Soul*~ as well as on her face. She knew that the lampposts needed time to contemplate her words...

And she would give it to them!

She also knew that someday....if they wanted it enough.....they would "get" the message ...and be FREE!!!!!!!!!

Even though Donna the Alchemist's mission was to ~Transform~ she knew full and well that some transformations just needed TIME!!!!!!!!!!!


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