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UFO Sightings SI Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Oh, we had lots 'n' lots of UFOs on StatNisland when I wuz a kid.

I can remember looking up at a plane flying overhead and asking my mom, "What kinda plane is dat, Mom?"

"I dunno," she'd say.

Or I'd see a boid, and ask Dad, "What kinda boid is dat," and he'd say, "I dunno, it's just a boid."

Now at nite, when the stars came out, we had the same thing.
"What're dose," I asked when I was very young and was told once dey was stars, which I never forgot, and that was the Moon over there and in daytime we had either the sun or the clouds, most of which we didn't give names to, although they always looked like something that had a name.

So you can tell your professor friend that if he needs an expert on UFOs that you know where to find one. I've seen lots of stuff up there that I didn't know what dey wuz.

Maybe he could tell me.


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