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The Lady in the Lake------Tarot Turmoil Pat O'Shaughnessy patos Now Merlin was upset he had never had a bank account in all his years of existence. He
jumped to the head of the line and said. I have no checking account but this should do.
Merlin mumbled a few words and waved his hand and a large pile of gold appeared
appeared on the Leprechauns table.
Ya Bleeding Idjoit the Leprechaun said I've got plenty of gold we need cold hard cash,
currency, dollars, dinero. Gold we have to take to the assay office and wait a week for a
After the parade we having Boxty and Bangers, Corned Beef and Cabbage, Colcannon and
Mulligan Stew, and lots of beer. I mean lots of beer. The local food purveyors and beer
distributors don't traffic in gold. Now get back in line and see if you can arrange a loan

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