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The Lady in the Lake------Tarot Turmoil Dan Blaine DBLIVIT Because of the static electricity generated by the Palm Pilot, the chicken’s carcass seemed come alive. The boneless chicken stood up and ran towards Victory Boulevard. The others followed it. There they found Donna the Diviner chained to a lamppost! She was crying for help. They freed her from the lamppost and asked what had happened.

She said she had been waylaid by an entourage of strange looking persons dressed in green. They took away her deck of Tarot cards and chained her to a lamp post. The group released Donna from the lamppost and started following the trail left by the green highwaymen. This was easy…the group in green had tacked Tarot cards on random lampposts but always in the same direction…downhill.

Following the major arcana through the minor arcana, the group counted 78 lampposts before the trail ran out. But it ended right at the steps of Borough Hall in St. George! The green dressed folk were queued up waiting to enter the building. Seated at the entrance was a leprechaun. On the table next to him was an old fashioned Burroughs adding machine and a stack of IRS forms. A sign above him stated: “Nobody gets their asses painted green until the Leprechaun has processed your taxes!”

The Leprechaun looked up at the group from the Indian Cave and said…

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