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UFO Sightings SI Marguerite Rivas sipoet Okay, now I'm already anticipating a lot of funny replies to this, and that's okay. There is, however, a serious reason why I am asking, actually two serious reasons:
1) There is a legitimate, science guy type researcher who is looking into UFO sightings on Staten Island and I just thought I'd see if any of youse guys had anything that I could pass on to him. You folks who have lived here some time ago might have had a better view of the night sky anyway way back then -- less houses, less light pollution, etc.
2. I've got some funky UFO type aurora stuff going on in this long poem that I'm writing and I need some fresh inspiration.

Actually here's a third reason: When I was about five- eight years old I used to make my father drag me along to SS White beach to go night casting with my brothers and I swear I saw something one night that was so embedded in my memory that I still dream about it. I wrote this bizarre poem which started out with the image of sweet gum seed pods and ended up with some swaying rushes and paralysis and shiny spiky things coming out of the sky. It's called Lights,Spikes, and Rushes SS White's Beach. I performed it at a club with a back up band a couple of years ago and someone there recorded it and man, it was freaky.
Anyway, so I was just asking if any of you had any UFO experience. I noticed there was a posting in the archive about the weird burns in the woods of Annadale a couple of years ago.

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