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tis a sad day here Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu hi folks.

please no symphty (dam spell checker). allow me to tell you a story ---

sometime in february of 1983 or 84, a very pretty frillie entered my home. it was a dark stormy bitter cold rainy night.

i and my wife heard this winning behind our closed front door. i opend the door and this pretty little frillie came in. she sat on the landing (i lived in a split foyer home at the time) and waited patiently as my dogs (kelly, and striker) sniffed her over reall careful.

she had a leather collar on her with no name tag or id of any kind.

she stay with us and has been with us until today.

i named her maggie. i don't know why i gave her that name but i did. my two children, annie and ricky would not let me send her to the pound. so we kept her. she was great. she earned her keep by keeping all the field mice out of the house.

for the past two, maybe three years, she did not really earn her keep, but she was getting on in years.

i learned while growing up, that sometimes our elders needed understanding. i also learned that it was our (youngens) responsibility to take care of our elders when they could not earn their keep.

so i tolerated her presense some more.

keep in mind, i am not a cat lover and never have been.

well maggie was put to rest today. at the age of approximately 18 years. it's a guess. the vet could not give is a definate age time.

maggie had her moments. knowing i did not like cats, she would climb on my lap while i was sitting in my easy chair. before settling down, she would need my bellie even while i would be yelling at her "it won't get any softer". she would settle down, purr, then fall asleep.

sometimes she would take the dollar bills (some of them were 20's) out of my pants pocket and play with them all night. in the moring i would find them scattered around the bedroom floor. she would be sitting real pretty on the dresser watching me pick them. most likely she would be smilling all the while thinking -- what a fool---.

in anycase, i buried her out back in the woods with max, striker and cuddles, since she knew all three dogs.

i will admit, that i will miss maggie.

now i am tipping my glass of four fingers to her.

i ask all of you to pour yourself a drink of what ever beverage you choose and tip your glass to a great frille --- maggie.


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