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Name your FAVORITE junk food! Pat O'Shaughnessy patos On 03/15/2000 8:41:00 PM, Dadoo wrote:
>There's wine, Hardee's Bacon,
>Egg and Cheese's, Taco Bells
>Taco Salads and Chlumpas or
>whatever, Burger Bar, Golden
>Dairy, there's more wine,
>there's microwaved Velveta
>cheese and you throw in some
>hot salsa with corn chips,
>popsicles, Burger Kings
>chicken sandwich, Hardee's
>mushroom cheeseburger,
>Hardee's ultimate omelite,
>eggrolls, buttered popcorn,
>toasted frozen waffles with
>vanila ice cream in the
>middle, beer, mozzaral hero,
>not to mention Hardee's
>chicken, those frozen
>sandwiches you find at the
>convience stores and a whole
>list to numerous to mention
>here. Do you guys think I
>should have my chlosteral
>level checked.

Sounds like you were buying your cigs at Pauls sweet shop lol

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