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Name your FAVORITE junk food! Jim Obermeyer Dadoo There's wine, Hardee's Bacon, Egg and Cheese's, Taco Bells Taco Salads and Chlumpas or whatever, Burger Bar, Golden Dairy, there's more wine, there's microwaved Velveta cheese and you throw in some hot salsa with corn chips, popsicles, Burger Kings chicken sandwich, Hardee's mushroom cheeseburger, Hardee's ultimate omelite, eggrolls, buttered popcorn, toasted frozen waffles with vanila ice cream in the middle, beer, mozzaral hero, not to mention Hardee's chicken, those frozen sandwiches you find at the convience stores and a whole list to numerous to mention here. Do you guys think I should have my chlosteral level checked.

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