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SI Life Listed Alphabetically Marguerite Rivas sipoet Patti (my best friend in high school) and I hitching down Hylan Blvd. with our Catholic School skirts hiked up to heaven knows where.
Pressed wildflowers in the summer
Pat N. (my best friend from grammar school) and I pretending to be the Supremes while waiting for the Monkees to pick us up for a date in the Monkeemobile.
Poetry readings and open mic at the Cargo Cafe
Poillion Avenue and Spring Pond
Port Richmond Hotel the last home and place of death of Aaron Burr.
Peach War
Pig War
Petticoat Lane and the ghost there
Peaches from my father's tree in summer- the sqirrels always got there first
Parsikians sp? a deli in Huguenot
Panhandlers at the ferry, at the post office, on Forest Avenue
Potholders from summer camp
Playing WWII in the woods behind my house - my brother's had neat, tin mess kits -- I was the German.
Page Avenue where my father grew up.
Pageboy hairdo
Pixie haircut I hated it.
Purple Martins at Lemon Creek
Poplar trees
Pushing my babies around Silver Lake in a carriage on a warm spring day while reading Sir Philip Sidney's Sonnets.
Pedal Pushers
Pink bike with a banana seat and those weird handlebars (can't remember what they were called)
Photographing abandoned buildings, swamps, and children
Possums - weird night creatures creepy but endearing somehow
Poison Ivy- rolling in it with my cousin so that we wouldn't have to go to school the next day and ending up in the doctor's office getting shots of something terrible because my face had swollen so that I couldn't see.
Purple violets for my mother.

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