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Willie Sutton decided to take a chance and ask the kids playing Ring-a-leevio in front of Vanderbilt's tomb where he was. He forgot however, how he looked. After slogging around in the marshland in back of Flagg's pond he was not a picture of respectability. Besides that, he still had on his striped prisoner's suit from Richmond County Jail.

When he emerged from the bushes alongside the tomb on the Sloan's tomb side...the kids all looked at him suspiciously and started to drift away towards the woods on the other side of the oval field. He called to them and asked them to wait, he just wanted to ask them a question.

"Wait for what? Doozie Pottsie!" they chanted at him as they scampered over the wall. Not being a native SI'der, Willie had no idea what they were talking about. The last kid over the wall turned around and yelled: "Hey, Botcha Galoop: yer mudder wears army boots!"

Willie turned around and went back through the hole in the fence behind Vanderbilt's tomb and then back on the trail towards Camp High Rock.....

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