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Happy Birthday Dadoo ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~
Dadoo....Would you REALLY be able to get a 12-Pack of brew-ski's and then wander around the golf course??? *LOL* EGADS! I wouldn't even make it to the door with that quantity! *LOL* That's o.k. though because I personally think the taste of beer is YUCK~YUCK~YUCKY! Now re the junk food, here we're talking! *LOL* If you're gonna have a might as well have the WORKS! Right? I mean...does anyone REALLY eat those boring rice cakes they sell in the stores? Maybe the stock pile is the original delivery and they never had to replace it yet! *LOL* We do need you to be more specific on the EXACT names of the "junk food" though. Maybe you know of something good that WE forgot! You know! I think I'm gonna start a string asking that question! *S*

Enjoy your BIRTHDAY/Early St.Paddy's Day celebration!!!!


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